27 October 2014

Rites of Passage Read Along!

Welcome to the Rites of Passage Read Along!

Grab a copy of the book (hardback, ebook, or audio. Please no pirated copies here!) and a blanket--it is November, after all. Curl up by the fire, forget the outside world, and come on an adventure with me!

Throughout the Read Along, you'll get two weekly blog posts from me--one at the beginning of each week discussing the week's "theme" and answering questions from the previous week, and one at the end of the week talking about some behind-the-scenes aspect of writing Rites of Passage and going to military school.

You'll also be getting lovely posts from my street team, #TheCadre. If you like what you read, you're more than welcome to join the street team, help get the word out about Rites of Passage, and win cool prizes while you're at it!

The schedule we're following is below. Now, while you're free to read at your leisure, of course, we do ask that any comments to blog posts or questions posted ONLY discuss the chapters being read. No spoilers, please!!!

This week we're reading chapters 1-10.

This week we're reading chapters 11-21.

This week we're reading chapters 22-31.

This week we're reading chapters 32-43.

So sit back, read, and enjoy the ride that is Sam McKenna's year at the DMA!

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