Book Recommendations

Interested in starting or building up a classroom library? Want to start reading young adult books but don't know where to start? This is by no means the end-all be-all list, but it'll certainly get you going. I'll be adding to this as I read more, so check back every once in awhile. I'm a contemporary girl at heart, so you'll find this list contemporary-heavy--sorry in advance. While many of my books were read and loved by many students, a * indicates books I couldn't keep on my classroom shelves and for which I needed a waiting list! (Thanks to my amazing sister for the linky-links!)

Note for teachers: All of these books were in my 8th grade classroom. While I did not believe in censoring my classroom library--I found kids could do the censoring all on their own--some of these are "heavy" books that deal with tough topics and some of them have lots of cuss words. I never had a parent question a book on this list, but that doesn't mean it couldn't happen. I found the best way to judge whether or not a book was "appropriate" for any given student was to read as much as I could and talk to the students about what they're reading. While it's impossible to read every single book out there, feel free to contact me at with questions about any book on this list!

Life-Changing Books
Sci Fi