Rites Read Along

Starting November 1, #TheCadre are hosting a read along of Rites of Passage! Read along for the first time, or the fifth, and discover the joys and pains of being the first class of females at the prestigious Denmark Military Academy.

Each week, we'll read a certain number of chapters and members of #TheCadre will share their thoughts on the developments in the book. Each Friday in November, I'll host a behind-the-scenes blog post, either about writing Rites of Passage or my time at military school--including some letters I wrote home!

Week One: November 1-7 we'll be reading chapters 1-10.
Week Two: November 8-14 we'll be reading chapters 11-21.
Week Three: November 15-21 we'll be reading chapters 22-31.
Week Four: November 22-28 we'll be readings chapters 32-43.

RSVP for the event over on Goodreads and stay tuned! I hope you'll join us and get an inside look at Denmark Military Academy!