Services for Writers

25% for writers who book before September 1, 2018!

Writing can be an intimidating business, so why not start out with all the advantages you can? I offer the following services to help you get your writing in front of the people who can sell it, or get it ready for you to publish yourself!

Please understand that I can offer suggestions based on what I know of the publishing business, however agent taste, wish lists, and the market itself
changes. I cannot guarantee that my suggestions will land you an agent or a publishing deal, however I will do my best to make your work shine! If
you are self-publishing, I will do my best to get your novel/serial story ready for your audience. I want you to succeed and I love writing queries!
(I know, something’s wrong with me!).

Please e-mail me at joynhensley at to inquire about scheduling.

The following services are available with cost paid up front.
Query Letter Critique 2-day turn-around      $40
Query letters are the first piece of writing an agent or editor receives from you, which means, they have to shine. As an agented and published
author, I’ll use my knowledge of what makes a query letter stand out in the slush pile to make yours sparkle! With your payment, I will critique your
query letter, using track changes and comments to help you polish your letter. This fee also includes one more pass after you’ve worked on your
letter again. Additional rounds of critiques are $15 each.

Query Letter Writing 7-day turn-around                $100
Not sure how to begin writing your query letter? Let me do it for you! You provide the synopsis and the first ten pages, and I’ll write a draft of a
query letter that you can use for your novel. This fee also includes one more pass after you’ve worked on your letter again. Additional rounds of work
are $20 each.

1-2 page Synopsis 7-day turn-around      $75
After the agent of your dreams falls in love with your query, they’re going to want to know what the story is about. With the help of a polished
synopsis, agents will know exactly what to expect.

Agent Search 7-day turn-around    $150
So you’ve got the perfect query letter, synopsis, and draft, but you don’t know where to send it? The Agent search is for you. I’ll use my
knowledge of the business to give you a list of fifteen agents open for submission that may be interested in your novel. This list, in the form of a
spreadsheet, will give you agent names, agencies, submission guidelines, contact information-including social media, and small tidbits to help make
your query more personal. This fee also includes my Top Ten Querying Writer Dos and Don’ts list to help ensure you’re doing everything you can to
land that deal!

The following services are available with ½ the cost paid up front, ½ paid upon delivery.
Fiction Manuscript Editing
I love helping other writers develop and strengthen their novels. Before you purchase these services, I will look at the first ten pages of your
novel and give you a sample of my work. If you’re not happy with it, you don’t need to book me. I think it’s important to see what you’re getting when
you pay your money!
Grammar/spelling 14-day turn-around   .01/word
Do you want someone to give your novel a once-over to make sure your grammar and spelling is correct? I’m happy to help! This basic service
will give you the ability to know that your subjects/verbs agree and that you don’t have any embarrassing misspellings before your next step in

Copy Editing 14-day turn-around                 .015/word and up*
Do you need someone to go line-by-line to make sure your punctuation is right, your verbs agree, or your pronouns match? Do you want your
sentences to flow, your prose to shine? I’m happy to help! This mid-line service will make your novel stand out!

Manuscript Developmental Edits 30-day turn-around       .02/word and up*
Are you looking for more in-depth editing? Do you want to know where the trouble spots are in your novel or where you can ratchet up your
tension? Are you looking for where your plot slows down or doesn’t make sense? These line edits will help you get your book in the best condition for

*With this service, I will look at the first 20,000 words and give you the actual cost based on the work that needs to be done.

Rush services are available for an additional fee. Please e-mail me to discuss your needs.