I’ve got to be honest, creating a street team was never on my list of things I thought I’d be doing as an author, so I’ll be forever grateful to Victoria Scott, who led the way with her VMafia. My street team would be a hot mess if it weren’t for her great ideas. So, without further ado, here it is!

The Official Street Team for Joy N. Hensley, author of Rites of Passage

Why should you join the Rites of Passage street team and become a member of #TheCadre? Because:
·         you’ll get first glimpses at works in progress, covers, and book news!
·         you’ll be entered into special members-only drawings for swag and other cool stuff!
·         you’ve got the potential of being a character in an upcoming book (based on rank in #TheCadre)!
·         you get to meet lots of other people who love Sam, Drill, Kelly, and the rest of the cadets at Denmark Military Academy!

Here’s the idea:

Complete tasks to gain experience, get mission points, and climb the ranks of #TheCadre. The higher your rank, the more cool things you get!

  Rank             Mission Points                   Swag

Recruit                       100                  Pandora Society sticker

Cadet                         250         Signed Rites of Passage bookmark

Corporals                    500               Signed postcard and button

Drill Sergeants             750               Rites of Passage dog tags

Majors                        1000           Personal, signed letter from Joy


Commanders             > 1250         Entered into character drawing

So, how do you earn your mission points and climb through the ranks?

·         Tweeting about the book with the street team hashtag: #TheCadre--up to 3 tweets a day-- 3 Mission points each
·         Adding the book on Goodreads--3 Mission points
·         Book review - amount of times on different sites e.g. Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble blog 15 Mission points per review--one time point allowance (45 points total)
·         Taking a photo with Rites - one time limit for your own picture, but can add more points if you have groups of people with their own copies of Rites! 15 Mission points per picture
·         Having the Rites street team badge/blog button on blog for a month straight - monthly limits 15 Mission points
·         Using the Rites street team badge on social media for a month straight - monthly limits 15 Mission points
·         Featuring the book on blog (such as a book spotlight but not a review) - once a month 20 Mission points
·         Participating in "Company Time": special events such as Twitter chats, read-alongs, etc, where you'll post blog entries or participate in chats to spread some Rites love--25 Mission points (announced through Street Team e-mails)
·         Participating in "Smoke Shows" where we blanket social media for a certain number of days with Rites of Passage news--25 Mission points (announced through Street Team e-mails)
·         Playlists - Minimum ten songs with reasons why each song is related to a scene/character/theme One-time 25 Mission points
·         Fan art -  One per month 30 Mission points
·         Rites of Passage video trailer posted to youtube--1 minute=75 Missions, 1:30-more =100 Mission points (One-time points)

All you have to do to get started is fill out the form below and begin gaining points. On the first and 15th of every month, you’ll receive a form to fill out to send me your points and supporting links. My behind-the-scenes people will calculate the points and let everyone know when they’ve reached a milestone!

Good luck, troops!