NaNoWriMo Kit

National Novel Writing Month in the Classroom

I ran a month-long writing competition in my classroom for five years. I had students coming in during lunch to write, finding each other on social media and challenging each other to "word wars" and students who wrote between 4 and 400 pages in one month! All on their own!

The beauty of it? No grading--just writing for fun. Remember what that was like?

I've got a classroom-ready packet for National Novel Writing Month in November, aligned with the Common Core. It includes advice and encouragement from published authors in the form of printable letters and videos! I've got word count goal sheets all ready to be printed. All you have to do is get the students and clear off some bulletin board space!

Are you a teacher/librarian who wants more information on getting students involved? Are you a student who wants an easy way to get your school involved? E-mail me at!

Authors included* in the packet are:

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