06 January 2011

New Years Resolutions or, The Year of die Kaiserin

It's that time of year again. The dreaded time when every wanna-be writer promises themselves "This will be the year. This year I'll get published." I say it every year, after spending the last week of December moaning and groaning about how I didn't meet my writing goals for the year.

It reminds me of Sissi in one of my favorite movies, Der Krieger und die Kaiserin, known in the US as The Princess and the Warrior. Sissi leaves her home at the mental institution (she's a nurse, not a patient) to deliver a letter when she gets hit by a bus. One of her lines is "I was going to mail you the letter but..." and then it goes into everything that happens after she gets hit by the bus. Seriously, you guys. It is one of my All. Time. Favorites. Coincidentally, Franka Potente, who plays Sissi, plays Lola in Run, Lola, Run, another favorite.

The point is that at the beginning of the year we have all these grand plans that, as the year goes on, at least for me, gets put on the back burner. Work gets in the way. Kids become a priority. Suddenly there are only a few down minutes in the day and, dang it, when they come, I want to sleep.

But, this year is going to be different. This year is going to be the year that it all changes.

I've got about a million resolutions, but my writing ones are this:
1. Get Gemma submission ready and mail out.
2. Write EVERY day. At least something. Even if it's "I can't think of anything to write." It takes three weeks to make a habit, only three days to break one. Pretty raw deal, don't you think?
3. Finish a first draft of one of my half drafts.
4. Blog every Thursday this year. That's 52 blogs, of which, this is the 1st. Just 51 left, ya'll. Isn't the year going by fast?

Unlike Sissi, this is not going to be the year of, "I was going to write, but..." I want to make this a profession. The real deal. And, to do that, I've got to, well, you know...do that writing thing!

What are your resolutions--writing or otherwise? Adding Der Krieger und die Kaiserin to your Netflix cue should be one of them!

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