20 August 2014

Attention Military School Cadets and Members of the Military!

It's almost time for my book, Rites of Passage, to come out. Since this book is all about military schools and the military, I want my first giveaway to be just for you guys! I'm so proud of those of you going to military school and so honored and humbled by those of you serving in the military--thank you past, present, and future members of the Armed Forces!

Who's eligible:

1. Members of a high school or college corps of cadets and/or ROTC
2. Current active service military
3. Military spouses/children
4. Any veterans of the Armed Forces

Never fear--there will be a giveaway for the general public that starts on release day!

You can enter using the links below for your chance to win a hardback copy of Rites of Passage or an e-book(Nook/Kindle) copy of Rites of Passage, or some swag!

What I want more than anything from this giveaway is to have some fun. So, you'll see the ways to enter below, but I really want to get some photos on my Rites of Passage Pinterest Board! Have a picture of you or (you with) your significant other in uniform? What about a picture of your company in uniform? Your family at a military event? Be sure you have permission to use it and then send it to me at joynhensleypr at gmail dot com. It gives you extra entries in the giveaway and will make my board look so much cooler!

Photos like this:

Here's me, circa 1999, getting yelled at by my corporal at 2nd mess. This happened more frequently than I'd like to admit.

Some of my cadre--that's my first (of two) drill sergeants on the right.

My company after the first week of training when we completed the Dog River Run--can you find me in that muddy mess?

Good luck! And THANK YOU for your service!

Winner's military status will be verified! Let's keep this for our heroes and upcoming heroes, okay?

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