28 December 2013

RITES OF PASSAGE is up for pre-order!

Happy holidays!

I know I haven't posted much, but I've been busy with school (did you know I'm a teacher of angelic 8th graders who mostly hate to write?!?!), my kiddos (Thing One started karate, Thing Two is readying to take over the world), and my writing/critiquing/editing life. Nothing much exciting has been going on so I thought I'd save your eyes for something special. Which I finally have!

Googling myself, as I am wont to do, I discovered at 0030 (that's military time for 12:30am, since, you know, RITES is about a girl at military school!) today that my first book, my little baby, is up for pre-order on Amazon!

There's no cover yet--well, there IS a cover, I've seen it and it's amazeballs, but I can't share it with you yet.
There's no cover copy yet--again, there IS but there isn't, you know? If you're interested in knowing more, there is some info on my baby's Goodreads page!

But my baby is up there! It's got it's own cute little ISBN number and wiggly little Amazon sales ranking and everything.

The process to get to this point (and I didn't even know I was AT this point, you know, until I shamelessly googled myself) has been a roller  coaster that I never want to get off of. I'm waiting for first pass pages from Harper Teen and working feverishly on my second book for Harper that will come out in Fall 2015. I'm actually supposed to be writing at this exact moment, but a feverish 4-year old is trying to fall asleep on the floor of my writing room and causing all sorts of distractions.

If you are trigger-happy for September 2014 to get your hands on RITES OF PASSAGE and want to pre-order, I'd love you forever! I'd love you forever anyway, but this would be an extra special creepy kind of love. If you do pre-order, be sure to e-mail me proof of the order (you can forward me your Amazon confirmation) at joynhensley at gmail dot com. I don't have anything for you right now, but soon I will have bookmarks and cool RITES OF PASSAGE swag. I'll enter your name into a drawing I'll have with the cover reveal and hopefully you'll get some pretty nifty stuff!

I hope you have a wonderful end to the holiday season. I know I will since tonight I'll be ringing in the new year early with a little bit of UFC 168!




Grace Davis said...
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Grace Davis said...

Yay <3 Then there are some of us who beat some people at NANO ;-) LOL!!