02 September 2011

The Call

So, when last we left off, our fearless author (that's me! Hi! *waves madly*) had just narrowly missed death escaping an earthquake while holing herself up in the bathroom (see how that makes me look good, instead of stupid, which is how I looked in the last post?). Now, the story continues...

I knew I was going to get a call from Mandy at 3:30, provided I didn't die in an aftershock. I even e-mailed her to let her know there was an earthquake and to not be worried if I didn't answer the phone. She wrote back promptly telling me to be safe hiding under my desk with the kids!

I jotted down a few questions, all meant to make me look highly intelligent and researched--questions about her communication style, her plans for my book, where she thought she would submit. How long did she think it would be until we submitted? I even wrote down a note to ask her for some client names so I could contact them and interview them. I was SO ready for the call.

A side note here: I love it when people love my writing. Up until now, though, "people" included my mom and grandma. And while I know they love my writing...I'm not sure they really count. In my query letter I didn't even mention the rave reviews my novel had gotten from Family Reviews...

But when she called, and I heard her talking (excitedly!) about my plot, my characters, my descriptions...it was HEAVEN! Not only that, but she kept talking about my book. I thought it couldn't get much better than this.

When the conversation about my book lasted for twenty minutes I started getting nervous. Wasn't the call supposed to go something like this:

AGENT: I love your book. Be my client.

*everyone is happy*

Then I started thinking in my head "Oh, this isn't going to be the call. This is the cruelest rejection of all. She's going to let me down gently. But in a call. Like you're almost good enough, but stop sending me your stuff because I'm never going to be your agent."

I was almost hyperventilating. I had tears in my eyes. I was waiting and waiting for the rejection.

So when she finally offered representation I was all like "Oh, that's nice."

Yeah. I'm serious.

I was channeling my inner-Rain Man and Mandy was going to think I was the least interested author in all the land.

Then, instead of just yelling "Yes! Take me now!" I tried to play it cool and said something about needing to contact the other agents who had partial or full manuscripts.

But when I hung up with her, I was smiling. I knew I was on my way!


jeff7salter said...

so ... do you have an agent?

Joy N. Hensley said...

Jeff, I most definitely do! The wonderful Mandy Hubbard of D4EO Literary Agency!

Kristin Lynn Thetford said...

Joy, this is a great story! I am SOOOOO happy and excited for you!! :)

Rebecca Thomas said...

so wait...you're going to leave us hanging and not tell us all the brilliant questions you asked her?

Mandie Baxter said...

Oh, good questions to ask! Thanks for the tip!!!

Joy N. Hensley said...

Becky--Maybe I'll do a blog post on what to ask, but I think I just sounded smart. It's not like I would have said no even if she came across like Darth Vader...:)

Joy N. Hensley said...

Mandie and Kristin, glad you enjoyed it and glad I could help!