01 December 2010

Wikileaks and Politics

This entry was supposed to introduce me and explain how absolutely fabulous I am in every way. How I balance my motherhood, career, and my creativity and look smashing doing it all at the same time.

However, in light of recent news, I'm working on the fly, here. What better way to get to know me than to learn what gets me riled up, right?

And, if I'm honest, I might as well make my first public blog a bang, right?

Julian Assange is a tattle-tale of the worst sort. Who else thinks they have a right to share confidential e-mails in hopes of seeming like the biggest gossip on the playground?

This man is absolutely ridiculous. Not only does what he leaked make us look even more shallow than I think we are as a nation, it endangers the lives of people who speak to us every day to give us information.

I enjoy my right to free speech, but I am also aware that it comes at a price. Don't even get me started with the whole airport security issue. You'll hear about that in two weeks when I sum up my trip to the Big Easy. I am fine with the government keeping their information private. I really don't see anything that the public needed to know in the Wikileaks release.

Not to mention, that Assange is now in hiding. Innocent until proven guilty, sure. But if you're hiding, Mr. Assange, I'm guessing I know that you're just playing innocent until you're caught. Innocent people don't hide, Mr. Assange. Just a head's up.

The other topic that has me standing atop my soapbox today is the Big Bully of the Playground, the GOP. These whiny, stinky punks are getting on my last word. What has our country come to that we have people in office who want to sit down, cross their arms over their chests and refuse to do something until they get their way?

I've got a three year who does that, but the Senate? Come on, fellas! Grow the flip up and get something done. I am sick of all the bickering like children. They are gambling with their lives and doing a sad job at it.

They're like kids having a pissing contest. They don't care about the average everyday person whom they're supposed to be representing. They care about party lines and opposing the person on the other side.

Until our elected officials grow up, I think we're in for a rocky, obnoxious ride that belongs more in a school playground than on Capitol Hill.

If I haven't exactly scared you off yet, here's what E=MC2 is shaping up to be:
1. A weekly post every Thursday--more if I can manage it.
2. Updates on the publishing industry and the state of books in general. Also, you'll get news on my writing, including motivational problems/issues
3. Mom updates, such as: house budget, rural fun (beer making, cheese making, rain barrel making) and raising kids.
4. Social issues updates: what you need to know about world issues and what you can do to help.
5. Green issues, sustainability, living simply.
6. My For-Granted Meals and the idea behind them.
7. The State of Education and what it's like on the front lines of teaching.
8. Book reviews.

So, stick around, I'll see ya next week!


Anonymous said...

Great start to your blog! Looks like there's a lot of great thing planned. I'll be sure to stop by again.

C. R. Bailey said...

The title got me here, and your list of proposed topics will keep me coming back! Go after the creeps! I know the founding fathers intended our system of government to be inefficient, but all the blaming and finger-pointing is ridiculous!